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More About

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Let's iGo (tentative name)

Let's iGo 1.0 build 1401_1.zip (Taditional Chinese) for Windows

A Go Program developed by me.

  • Resume a saved game
  • Portable!
  • COM(AI) included: GNUGO
  • Free Play Mode: allow you put the same color continously
  • Even if game over, you can regret for moves or couting score.
  • Random Button! Simulating Nigiri, randomly deciding which is you, and which is AI.
  • Many UI Features: Mouse right, dragging file onto the form, etc.
  • You can still shut down or new a game when AI thinks too long.
  • DirectX Sound Stereo Trial
  • I put some Chinese Sayings about Go in "About"


  • 存起來的棋譜可以複盤
  • 綠色免安裝!
  • 可與圍棋AI對奕(GNUGO)
  • 打譜模式允許連續放同色的子,做題目時很方便。
  • 即便已經投子或結束數地,仍可退回繼續下棋、重數地。
  • 分先(亂數)一鈕模擬猜子,不必每次都費心於執黑執白問題
  • 多樣的悔棋選項,包括只允許一次和不允許
  • 多樣的便捷UI操作方式
  • 可檢視並編輯棋局資訊
  • 支援SGF(FF4)、GIB、PTT格式
  • 就算AI思考時間過長也還是可以關閉程式或開新局
  • 試用DirectX Sound立體音
  • 9路,11路,13路,15路,17路,19路
  • 「關於」中放了中國圍棋古諺。


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When you want to make friends with me, or to know more about me instead of my research, you can take a look at this area.

Personal Interests

  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Go(圍棋)
  • Viedo Games, Board Games
  • ...More

Telented At

  • Listening (psychologically)
More About Me

Lab CAIG M.S. Student, Institute of Multimedia Engineering,
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

English Name: Eric

Name: 張瑞桓(Family - Chang; First - Jui Huan)

  • Location: Room 229(CAIG Lab), Engineering Building III, NCTU
  • Phone: +886-3-5712121 ext 56675
  • E-mail: e-mail display error
  • Advisor: I-Chen Lin, Ph.D [web]

Pu-Chien Elementary School, Pan-Chiao, Taipei County, Taiwan

Chung-Shan Junior High School, Pan-Chiao, Taipei County, Taiwan

Chien-Kuo Senior High School, Taipei City, Taiwan

Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Simple Profile
  • First Programming Language: Java Script
  • Hometown: Pan-Chiao
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