Character Motion Analysis & Synthesis



In the generation of computer animation, motion capture techniques are realistic and feasible approaches to drive characters' motions. However, characters' motions are usually adjusted according to various environment conditions or interact with others' motions. A motion-capture target, called a performer, has to perform considerable times in accordance with the required conditions. On the other hand, many motions that we would like to synthesize are dangerous or difficult to be captured by motion capture devices, e.g. the problem of occlusion.

To tackle the abovementioned problems, in this project, we propose combining the advantages of motion-capture-based and physics-based motion synthesis and learning motion controls from motion capture data. Furthermore, we also develop advanced motion data analysis and motion compression techniques.

Current Results

Motion data retrieval and synthesis


Journal Papers:
  • I-Chen Lin, Jen-Yu Peng, Chao-Chih Lin, Ming-Han Tsai, "Adaptive Motion Data Representation with Repeated Motion Analysis", accepted by IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2010.
    : project page (in preparation) (Please download the official preprint from the IEEE CS digital library)

  • Jen-Yu Peng, I-Chen Lin, Jui-Shiang Chao, Yan-Ju Chen, Gwo-Hao Juang, "Interactive and Flexible Motion Transition", Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (selected papers of CASA'07), 18(4-5):549-558, Sept.-Dec., 2007.
    Download: CASA07_Draft.pdf (about 817 KB) video (about 27.6MB) (Please download the officially published version from the Wiley InterScience) 

International Conference Papers:

  • Gwo-Hao Juang, Yan-Ju Chen, Jen-Yu Peng, I-Chen Lin, Jui-Hsiang Chao, "Partial Motion Blending and Assembly for Interactive Motion Synthesis", Proc. Intl. Conf. in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG'08), short paper, Plzen, Czech, Feb. 2008.

Project Support

This research is partially supported by:
  • NSC 95-2221-E-009 -164 -MY3: "A Study on Motion Synthesis of Body and Facial Animation for Human Characters", 2006/08~2009/07.
  • III Innovative and Prospective Technologies Project: "Character Motion Control", 2006/02~2007/12.