Image-based and Interactive 3D Modeling


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3D scanning and model-based reconstruction techniques, which can rapidly acquire depth data on a real object's surface, are prevalently used in 3D computer animation and games. However, Jittering on scanned models or lack of details on model-based approaches are usually unavoidable. By contrast, photometric techniques, such as shape-from-shading(SFS), provide more fidelity in details, but they are prone to distortion in geometry.

In this project, we plan to develop a more reliable SFS method and take advantages of the abovementioned methods. By combining the triangulation positioning and photometric methods, the accuracy of the 3D reconstruction system can be improved. Furthermore, we also work on advanced user interfaces for 3D modeling.

Current Results

Estimation of face details

3D reconstruction by hybrid approaches
(Left: input image; middle: estimated normals in early stages; right: the result 3D model)


Journal Papers:
  • I-Chen Lin, Wen-Hsing Chang, Yung-Sheng Lo, Jen-Yu Peng, Chan-Yu Lin, "Image-based Detail Reconstruction of Non-Lambertian Surfaces", Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 21(1):55-68, Jan.-Feb., 2010.
    Download: CAVW10_Draft.pdf (about 2.1MB) video (about 25.6MB) (Please download the officially published version from the Wiley InterScience)

International Conference Papers:

  • Yung-Sheng Lo, I-Chen Lin, Wen-Xing Zhang, Wen-Chih Tai, Shian-Jun Chiou, "Capturing Facial Details by Space-time Shape-from-shading", Proc. Computer Graphics International (CGI'08), pp.118-125, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2008.
    Download: CGI08.pdf (about 712KB)

  • Wen-Xing Zhang, I-Chen Lin, Jia-Ru Lin, Wen-Chih Tai, Shian-Jun Chiou, "Combining Stereo Positions and Reflectance Properties for 3D Surface Reconstruction", Proc. Intl. Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT'08), Hsinchu, Taiwan, Jan. 2008.

Project Support

This research is partially supported by:
  • NCTU-CPT collaboration project: "A Study on Estimation of Depth Map Sequences from Video", 2007/08~2008/07.
  • NSC 95-2221-E-009 -162: "Reliable 3D scanning by combining triangulation and photometric techniques", 2006/08~2007/07.