Realistic 3D Facial Animation

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From the aspect of facial animation, motion capture is a convincing approach for data acquisition. Current facial motion capture devices can only track markers or feature points on a face. They are difficult to handle facial details, such as wrinkles or dimples. In this project, we plan to improve facial detail capture method. After analyzing the correlations between feature points and facial details, a feature-point-driven facial motion model with detail expressions can improve the drawback of current performance-driven facial animation.

Current Results

Facial Animation Diven by Mocap Data

Enhancement with wrinkles


Journal Papers:
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    Download: CAVW10_Draft.pdf (about 2.1MB) video (about 25.6MB) (Please download the officially published version from the Wiley InterScience)

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    Download: TVC05.pdf (about 3.6MB), project page (Please download the officially published version from the Springer digital library)

International Conference Papers:

  • Yung-Sheng Lo, I-Chen Lin, Wen-Xing Zhang, Wen-Chih Tai, Shian-Jun Chiou, "Capturing Facial Details by Space-time Shape-from-shading", Proc. Computer Graphics International (CGI'08), pp.118-125, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2008.
    Download: CGI08.pdf (about 712KB)

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Project Support

This research is partially supported by:
  • NSC 95-2221-E-009 -164 -MY3: "A Study on Motion Synthesis of Body and Facial Animation for Human Characters", 2006/08~2009/07.
  • NSC 94-2213-E-009-151: "Extracting and Synthesizing Detailed Expressions for Realistic 3D Facial Animation", 2005/08~2006/07.