Our Research

Enhancing The Realism Of Sketch And Painted Portraits With Adaptable Patches

This paper proposes forming adaptable patches according to the content of the input image and collected photos. The numbers and shapes of these patches are dynamically adjusted by multilabel optimization.

Augmented Reality Instruction For Object Assembly Based On Markerless Tracking

In this paper, we propose a novel tangible interface to guide a user assembling the components in an intuitively way. And most of the users give positive responses to our prototype system in the user evaluation.

SI-Cut: Structural Inconsistency Analysis For Image Foreground Extraction

This paper presents a novel approach for extracting foreground objects from an image. This novel method integrates efficient image completion and graph labeling techniques into a powerful framework.

Adaptive Motion Data Representation With Repeated Motion Analysis

The goal of this paper is to efficiently represent motion capture data and retain few reconstruction errors as well. We propose a novel segmentation and indexing method, called repeated motion analysis (RMA).

Realistic 3D Facial Animation

Our goal is to synthesize realistic facial animation. To achieve the goal, we research on advanced face modeling, facial motion analysis/capture, model deformation and realistic rendering.

Character Motion Analysis & Synthesis

This research project is to tackle problems in character motion synthesis (from motion transition, motion blending, motion adjustment, to motion compression). We're also interested in motion effects on characters' appearance.

Image-based and Interactive 3D Modeling

This project focuses on rapid and accurate 3D scene reconstruction, modeling complex objects (e.g. plants) and advanced modeling interfaces.