International Journal Papers:

  • Enhancing the Realism of Sketch and Painted Portraits with Adaptable Patches

    Yin-Hsuan Lee, Yu-Kai Chang, Yu-Lun Chang, I-Chen Lin, Yu-Shuen Wang, Wen-Chieh Lin

    Computer Graphics Forum (also presented in Pacific Graphics'17), 37(1): 214-225, Feb., 2018. (SCI, EI) download

  • SI-Cut: Structural Inconsistency Analysis for Image Foreground Extraction

    I-Chen Lin, Yu-Chien Lan, Po-Wen Cheng

    IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, 21(7):860-872, July, 2015. (SCI, EI) download    project page

  • Interactive Visual Analysis for Vehicle Detector Data

    Yi-Cheng Chen, Yu-Shuen Wang, Wen-Chieh Lin, Wei-Xiang Huang, I-Chen Lin

    Computer Graphics Forum, 34(3): 171-180, June, 2015. (SCI, EI)

  • Human Face Aging with Guided Prediction and Detail Synthesis

    Ming-Han Tsai, Yen-Kai Liao, I-Chen Lin

    Multimedia Tools and Applications, 72(1): 801-824, Sept. 2014. (SCI, EI) download

  • Skeleton-driven Surface Deformation through Lattices for Real-time Character Animation

    Cheng-Hao Chen, Ming-Han Tsai, I-Chen Lin, Pin-Hua Lu

    The Visual Computer (selected best papers from CAD/Graphics'11), 29(4):241-251, April, 2013. (SCI, EI) download

  • Adaptive Motion Data Representation with Repeated Motion Analysis

    I-Chen Lin, Jen-Yu Peng, Chao-Chih Lin, Ming-Han Tsai

    IEEE Trans. Visualization and Computer Graphics, 17(4):527-538, April, 2011. download

  • Multi-layered Expression Synthesis

    Jia-Ru Lin, I-Chen Lin

    Journal of Information Science and Engineering, 27(1):337-351, Jan.-Feb., 2011. download

  • Image-based Detail Reconstruction of Non-Lambertian Surfaces

    I-Chen Lin, Wen-Hsing Chang, Yung-Sheng Lo, Jen-Yu Peng, Chan-Yu Lin

    Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, 21(1):55-68, Jan.-Feb., 2010. download

  • Interactive and Flexible Motion Transition

    Jen-Yu Peng, I-Chen Lin, Jui-Shiang Chao, Yan-Ju Chen, Gwo-Hao Juang

    Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (selected papers of CASA'07), 18(4-5):549-558, Sept.-Dec., 2007. download

  • Mirror Mocap: Automatic and Efficient Capture of Dense 3D Facial Motion Parameters from Video

    I-Chen Lin, Ming Ouhyoung

    The Visual Computer, 12(6): 355-372, July, 2005. download

International Conference Full Papers:

  • Retrieving 3D Objects with Articulated Limbs by Depth Image Input

    Jun-Yang Lin, May-Fang She, Ming-Han Tsai, I-Chen Lin, Yo-Chung Lau, Hsu-Hang Liu

    to appear in Proc. Intl. Conf. on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications (GRAPP'18), Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Jan. 2018.

  • Augmented Reality Instruction for Object Assembly based on Markerless Tracking

    Li-Chen Wu, I-Chen Lin, Ming-Han Tsai

    Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH Symp. on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D'16), pp. 95-102, Redmond, WA, Feb. 2016. Download    Video

  • Real-time Upper Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images

    Ming-Han Tsai, Kuan-Hua Chen, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. IEEE Intl. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP'15), pp. 2234-2238, Qu├ębec City, Canada, Sept. 2015. Download

  • Image-based Object Modeling by Fitting Salient Lines and Geometric Primitives

    Meng-Hong Cho, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. Intl. Conf. in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG'15), pp. 89-97, Plzen, Czech, June 2015. Download    Video

  • Markerless 3D Hand Posture Estimation from Monocular Video by Two-level Searching

    Iek-Kuong Pun, I-Chen Lin, Tsung-Hsien Tang

    Proc. Intl. Conf. on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD/Graphics'13), IEEE Computer Society, pp. 204-211, Hong Kong, Nov. 2013 download    video

  • Lattice-based Skinning and Deformation for Real-time Skeleton-driven Animation

    Cheng-Hao Chen, I-Chen Lin, Ming-Han Tsai, Pin-Hua Lu

    Proc. CAD/Graphics 2011, Jinan, China, Sept. 2011. (One of the eight best papers from 181 submissions, for the special issue of The Visual Computer) download

  • Capturing Facial Details by Space-time Shape-from-shading

    Yung-Sheng Lo, I-Chen Lin, Wen-Xing Zhang, Wen-Chih Tai, Shian-Jun Chiou

    Proc. Computer Graphics International (CGI'08), pp.118-125, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2008. download

  • Combining Stereo Positions and Reflectance Properties for 3D Surface Reconstruction

    Wen-Xing Zhang, I-Chen Lin, Jia-Ru Lin, Wen-Chih Tai, Shian-Jun Chiou

    Proc. Intl. Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT'08), Hsinchu, Taiwan, Jan. 2008.

International Conference Short and Poster Papers:

  • Architectural Scene Modeling and Completion with a Single Image

    Chien-Wen Chu, Pin-Hua Lu, Yu-Chien Lan, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. Computer Graphics International (CGI'17), poster paper, Yokohama, Japan, June 2017.

  • Intuitive 3D Flight Gaming with Tangible Objects

    Jhe-Wei Lin, Po-Wen Cheng, Chien-hung Lin, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. SIGGRAPH'16, poster paper, Anaheim, CA, US, July 2016. Download    Video

  • Stereoscopic Architectural Image Inpainting

    Pin-Hua Lu, Chien-Wen Chu, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. SIGGRAPH'14, poster paper, article no. 74, Vancouver, Canada, Aug. 2014.Multimedia Tools and Applications, 72(1): 801-824, Sept. 2014. (SCI, EI)

  • Tracking 3D Hand Postures from Monocular Video

    Iek-Kuong Pun, Hsing-Han Wang, I-Chen Lin

    Proc. SIGGRAPH'12, poster paper, Los Angeles, US, Aug. 2012.

  • Partial Motion Blending and Assembly for Interactive Motion Synthesis

    Gwo-Hao Juang, Yan-Ju Chen, Jen-Yu Peng, I-Chen Lin, Jui-Hsiang Chao

    Proc. Intl. Conf. in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (WSCG'08), short paper, Plzen, Czech, Feb. 2008.

  • Feature-point Driven 3D Expression Editing

    Chii-Yuan Chuang, I-Chen Lin, Yung-Sheng Lo, Chao-Chih Lin

    Proc. Intl. Conf. on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications GRAPP' 07, pp.165-170, Barcelona, Spain, Mar. 2007.