Human Computer Interaction 2014

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I-Chen Lin, Assistant Professor
EC 704

Office Hour


13:20 ~ 15:10 (Mon.)
09:00 ~ 09:50 (Thur.)
ED 202


Li-Chen Wu

Jun-Yang Lin


Computer Animation & Interactive Graphics Laboratory
EC 237
Phone ext. 56675


Teaching Goal

Human computer interaction (HCI) is an interdisciplinary field solving real problems in the design and use of technology. The goal of this field is to make computer-based systems easier to use and more effective for people and organizations.
This course will first briefly introduce the fundamental principles of HCI(such as usability, prototyping) and related principles of computer vision and graphics. Then, this course will discuss advanced user-oriented interfaces with graphics and vision techniques. Students will learn the fundamental concepts of human computer interaction through lectures, readings, discussions and team work on an interaction design project. Students are also encouraged to combine this project with their projects in special topics or other courses.



  • 09 / 15 – Website online.
  • 10 / 06 – Project1 announced.
  • 10 / 20 – The students who can get early bird bonus are confirmed. Please check the demo order.
  • Please register the term project group list. There is/are one to three person for each group.
  • Please register the term project proposal order. The proposal order is the same as the demo order.

  • Quiz score is announced.
  • Term project demo will start at 13:00 on 01/19.
  • The term project demo order is the same as the proposal order.
  • Upload the term project (source code + report) to FTP. Deadline: 01/18  23:59.
    You should also hand-in your hardcopy report in class on 01/19.
    (No more than 6 pages for your report, and the source code should be with the comments)
    • Introduce about your project.
    • Reference and techniques.
    • What’s the advantage or uniqueness of your project?
    • What’s the contribution of each member?
  • Presentation time (including setup time):
    • 1 person: 7~12 minutes
    • 2~3 people: 10~15 minutes

  • 01 / 22 – Final score is announced.




Course Schedule

  • 12 / 15 – Quiz. You can bring two sheets of A4 paper with double sides (your own notes).
  • 12 / 22 – There will be a speech by a game company at EC122. (start at 13:20)
  • 12 / 25 ~ 01 / 05 – Term project proposal presentation.
  • 01 / 19 – Term project demo.


Course Slides

0.    Preface

1.      Introduction

2.    Vision-based interaction A

3.    Vision-based interaction B

4.    Vision-based interaction C

5.    Usability and conceptual Model

6.    Smart and suggestive interfaces A

7.    Smart and suggestive interfaces B

8.    Smart and suggestive interfaces C

9.    Color fundamental A

10. Color fundamental B

11. Audio and speech

12. UI Devices and systems

Scalar Kalman Filter Derivation


1.    Project 1

[ Attention ]
If you want to use other languages to do this project, you should tell or email to TAs first.
Use OpenCV x86 or x64?  Please check your VS2010 system.

Please register the Demo order.
The students who can get early bird bonus are confirmed. Please check the demo order.
(Only the top 16 students)

2.    Term Project

Please register the term project group list.
Please register the term project proposal order.
Term Project Example Program and Tutorial